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PUDDOCK Haiku Journal seeks to encourage excellence in haiku and related genres in the three indigenous languages of Scotland: English, Gaelic and Scots. 

For the first issue of  PUDDOCK you are encouraged to write about Scottish themes though this is not exclusive.  We hope to have a Scottish flavour for all our issues but want haiku that resonate everywhere else too.  Whether you are Scottish or not we want Shiki not Shortbread. We are more than just tartan and bagpipes; though we love that too. 

There is no payment to authors but there will be a prize of  original artwork  for the best poem in each issue of PUDDOCK.  'Red Head' will be the prize for issue 1.

PUDDOCK will be produced in print and we anticipate costs for each issue of PUDDOCK to be GBP £4 plus postage and packing.  


We accept all haikai forms.
Type PUDDOCK , Name and Genre/s in the subject line.

Send up to 10 works in English, Gaelic or Scots . All Gaelic and Scots poems must include an English Translation.

Haiku: All forms are acceptable, 1 to 4 lines up to 17 syllables.

Tanka: Traditional or Modern

Haibun: Short pieces only to be sent in a Word doc. Must not go over two pages.

Haiga:  Text must be clearly legible on the image. We want artistry not postcards.

Renga/Renku: Shorter forms only please.  No Haiku Sequences.

colinstewartjones [at] gmail [dot] com

Submissions close July 1st and you will be informed of any acceptances after the reading period.